What is Typing.com

Typing.com is an online typing tutor, and digital literacy platform used by millions of students and education professionals around the world. We aim to provide valuable learning tools to as many schools, teachers, and students as possible. 

Our Teacher Portal provides educators with all the tools they need to guide students in building important career and life skills including Typing, Tech Readiness, Computer Basics, Online Safety and Behavior, Career Prep, and Coding Essentials. 

Our curriculum has been designed by teachers for teachers; students work to develop their keyboarding skills from home row basics up to mastery of advanced punctuation. The inclusion of tech literacy prepares students with crucial 21st century abilities, supports cross-curricular learning and supplies the necessary capacities for success in the classroom and beyond.

We excel at helping students prepare for the future. With 677,000+ teachers and 8,916,000+ learners, Typing.com continues to grow every single day. 

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