Why Choose Typing.com

With a name like Typing.com, we can’t blame you if you thought we only offered keyboarding lessons. However, that’s far from the truth. While we do offer a complete touch-typing program, there is so much more! 

We believe everyone should have access to the fundamentals needed to be successful in today’s world. Having great typing skills, although very important, is not enough anymore. As such, our curriculum has grown to comprise essential digital literacy lessons to introduce young learners to contemporary technologies. 

Students are guided over the knowledge that will be expected of them in a professional environment, including how to communicate and collaborate productively within a team. In addition, the program features Coding Basics, known to help develop problem solving as well as critical thinking abilities, and we continue adding courses to benefit our users.

Typing.com offers all of this, and more with both a free and a PLUS version. 

The Importance of Learning Proper Typing

Learning to type is more important than ever. It's a fundamental skill that you (or your students) will always use, in and out of work settings. Typing is a basic requirement in today's world where we're all using computers all the time. 

With regular practice, the fingers' muscle-memory grows and there's no more need to look down at the keyboard so the thought process continues uninterrupted. In other words, proper typing skills enable better thinking while typing and this facilitates the sharing of ideas. Learning to type correctly also helps to:

  • Save time while being more productive
  • Improve focus and posture
  • Improve accuracy

Whether for you or for your students, you'll love that Typing.com offers relevant, interesting, cross-curricular lessons that include engaging games because, when something is fun, learning takes place naturally. And it's FREE!

Much More Than Typing

Learning to type is just the beginning. Typing.com also offers an extensive Digital Literacy curriculum that includes Tech Readiness, Career Preparation, and Coding Basics in order to teach fundamental 21st century competencies. 

Our Digital Literacy curriculum teaches: 

  • Computer Basics - easy-to-understand information on basic computer usage designed for anyone to learn (including young students). 
  • Internet Basics - fundamental guidance on Internet safety as well as proper online behavior and manners while using the web for research, social media, and email. 
  • Workplace Professionalism - training for future work and life through modules that introduce common employer expectations (such as time management, communication & collaboration, and professional writing).
  • Office Technology - practical knowledge on standard office technology.
  • Word Processing - key communication and writing skills for advancing in school and beyond.
  • Coding Essentials - unlocks creativity and encourages critical thinking while learning the basics of coding.

So "Why Choose Typing.com?" Whether you use it to teach yourself or others, you have the peace of mind of knowing that Typing.com is trusted by millions of teachers and students around the world. It gives you the confidence of using a program designed by education professionals to introduce the skills needed to get ahead in a digitalized globe. Moreover, you are relying on a program that continually adds to its curriculum so there is something new to learn on a regular basis. 

The best part? All of Typing.com is available in a FREE version with no limitations on content or usage because we are committed to giving everyone the opportunity to learn the basics for success at work and in life.

You will love learning with us!

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