Differences Between Free and Premium Accounts

We pride ourselves on delivering a free product that has a positive impact (especially on children) and provides our 20+ million educators and students the best educational experience possible. 

We do not place limitations on our product features. If you are using the program with a free account, rest assured you are enjoying the same content and benefits of a Premium user (with the exception of data retention availability which caps at 180 days on free accounts). 

Perhaps this makes you wonder why anyone would consider paying for a free product.

While the above information is true, there  are some gains when you choose to go Premium. 

-The main Premium advantage is that you and your students will appreciate the great ad-free experience. Being ad-free means you'll be saving on bandwidth (which can result in faster page-loadings). It also provides a distraction-free environment for your students and a better focus on their part.

- As mentioned, the free Typing.com account limits the amount of stored student data to 180 days. With premium licenses there are no time limits to data storage. 

-Student "seats" (also known as licenses) are completely transferable. For instance, if a student leaves your class at any time in the course of the year, that "seat" is freed up for another student to use.

-Front-of-the-line pass whenever you need answers promptly or require technical assistance. You get help STAT! Bulk discounts available for teachers, schools, and districts.

To get a price quote, check out our article on How to get a quote.

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