Use the Student Self-Join Link (Teacher)

Do you need to add students to a class and wish to do it as fast and painlessly as possible? We find the Student Self-Join Link is the most effective way to add students. It's easy to do and saves you time. When to use the self-join link, you can add students with existing accounts to your class. You can also, use the self-join link to move students from one class to another. 
Pro-Tip 1: Through the student self-join link, students can join your class by creating a new account or using an existing one. 
Pro-Tip 2: If you synced your classes via Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams, your classes won't have a join code. As a workaround, you could create a new class in your teacher portal, and share that join link with your students. They'll be able to join that class using their own accounts. 

Pro-Tip 3: You can't use the student self-join link if you're rostering your classes through Clever or ClassLink

Let’s get started.
Step 1: Log in to your Teacher Portal HERE.
Step 2: Click on “My Classes” 
Step 3: Copy the Class Join Code located on the top right corner and share it with your students. (Note: You must create a class first if you don’t have one)
Pro-Tip 3: You may edit the self-join code (the alphanumeric code at the end of the link) so it is simpler than the default (e.g., by visiting your Class Settings > Details tab.
Step 4: Have your students open a new browser window to paste the provided link on the URL bar and hit the “Enter” key.
Step 5: This takes them to a page where they choose whether to join the class by creating a new account or using an existing one. Click an option and proceed.
Step 6: After your students have followed the steps above, you must go to your Teacher Portal and accept (or reject) each student's request to join your class. This request/s will appear on your “My Classes” page.
That’s it! When you refresh the page and return to the class, you will find the students are now part of the class. 😊
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