How Do I Assign Licenses To Students

Teachers don't have to assign licenses (aka seats). Licenses are automatically added to student accounts when the students log in for the first time after you purchase the licenses

Licenses work on a first-come, first-served basis.

For example, If a teacher has 40 students in his class but only buys 30 licenses, only the first 30 students that log in will get a license assigned to their accounts. The rest of the students will have free accounts (with ads) but they'll still be able to work on the lessons and assignments. 

You can only remove the premium licenses from all of the student accounts at once by going to "Billing" and clicking on "Free up seats". You can perform this action as many times as needed.  

By freeing up the seats, the license count will reset back to "0" and again, when the students log in next, their accounts will pick up one of the licenses that are available. 

Note: Freeing up the seats will not reset the students' progress for students that will continue using 


-Licenses are only for students. Teachers don't need licenses. 

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