Edit a Student’s Password, Name or Email (Teacher)

Students tend to forget their password often and, if they don't have an email, they're not going to be able to reset it using the "Forgot your Login Info?" Link available on the student portal. However, teachers can change a student password from their Teacher Portal. 

Keep in mind that if your student uses Google SSO to log in (those that have a Google-associated email and choose to log in this way), you won't be able to help them by resetting their password. They will have to recover their password through Google's lost password procedure.

Pro-Tip 1If your students log in using Google SSO, you won't be able to edit their information from your teacher portal. They'll need to edit their information through their Google settings. Once they do that, you need to re-sync your account to see the changes.
Pro-Tip 2: If your students log in using Clever or ClassLink, you won't be able to edit their information from your teacher portal. You need to edit their information in Clever/ClassLink first and then wait for the account to re-sync (overnight) to see the changes. 

Step 1: Log in to your Teacher Portal HERE.

Step 2: Locate the student using the search bar and click on it. 

Step 3: Then, click on the gear icon right next to the student's name

Step 4: Edit the username, password, name, and click "Save all changes".

Please note that if you can't see the student password, it may be due to a Class Setting under General Options that reads "Clear-text student passwords". When this option is unchecked, student passwords will be encrypted in our database. When a student's password is encrypted, you won't be able to view it or print it on a roster list with passwords. By default, the "Clear-text student passwords" option is selected so you should be able to view passwords unless the setting has been changed.

That’s it! Now you know how to edit your student’s password. 😊

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