Import a List of Students to Your Account (Teacher)

Pro-Tip 1: To import a list of students successfully, you must upload a file with the Comma Separated Values (.csv) format. It also needs to have the correct title on each of the columns. For specifics on creating the Comma Separated Values (.csv) file correctly, check out our guide on How To Create A Comma Separated Values (.CSV) Format File.

Pro-Tip 2Usernames must be unique across all If you see an error telling you that the username is being used by another user, you must edit the username. e.g. if the username fernandocote is already being used, you should change it to:            

Pro-Tip 3: Usernames cannot have more than 30 characters. If your school domain is long you might be exceeding the 30 character limit.

Pro-Tip  4: Even though the inclusion of an email address for a student is not mandatory on, when uploading the CSV file, the data field header HAS to exist.

Now, let’s get started. 

Step 1: Log in to your teacher portal HERE.

Step 2: Click on “My Classes” 

Step 3: Click the name of the class into which you wish to import your student list (or create a new class)

Step 4: Once you are in the class page, click the “Add Students” button. 

Step 5: Now click the “Import Student List” button. 

Step 6: Upload your CSV file. You can drag and drop your CSV file or click the “Choose File” button. Next, click “Begin Import”. Optional: Below "On First Login" you will find some boxes that, if selected, will allow your students to change their name and password upon their first login.


  • File format must be “Comma Separated Values" (.csv)
  • The first row in your CSV file must exactly match the following: Student_Username,Password,First_Name,Last_Name,Email
  • Fields marked with * are required.
  • You can check out our guide on HOW TO CREATE A  COMMA SEPARATED VALUES (.CSV) FORMAT FILE to avoid any errors when uploading the file. 

Step 7: If no errors were found, click the “Import Students” button. 

That’s it! You have imported your list of students to your account. 😊

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