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To sync with Clever, please contact the school's Clever administrator and have them do the setup. 

Clever accounts are synced nightly based upon the data shared with Clever for and can't be linked or moved from the teacher account that Clever matched them with.  When Clever syncs with, accounts are created and linked to teacher accounts that have been set according to the data your district has shared.

Where do I login if I'm using Clever?
All users who have a Clever account can log in at and search for their school district. Each district also has its own portal URL for users to log in directly to their accounts.

How many login portals does Clever have? 
Clever users each have their own unique Clever Portal where they can access resources and teacher pages that are shared for that user. 

If a  teacher is using Clever Library, where is the teacher supposed to go to log in? 
The teacher can access the Clever Library within their own teacher Portal.

How do teachers edit the information that's being shared? What if they want to add a  new student to their roster in
If the application is shared at the district level, the district can set the sharing rules that determine which users are shared with the application. If the teacher adds the app from the library and adds it to the teacher page, it will be shared with the students who have access to that teacher page.

What are the required steps to integrate an app ( with Clever?
The districts can search for the application and request it directly from their dashboard: for the SSO & Rostering app or for the SSO (Saved Passwords) app

You can find more information in the Clever Help Center:

- For Staff: How do I log into Clever?

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