Understand the “Achievements” Tab (Student)

There are over 8 categories of achievements you can earn over time. On this page you’ll learn about each of them. 

Step 1: Log in to your account here.

Step 2: Click Achievements on the top menu. 

On the left side, you will see multiple categories:

  • Summary: Recent Achievements
  • Avatar Levels: Earn XP (experience) by completing lessons and level up your avatars!
  • Typing Speed: Complete lesson screens and earn achievements! (15 seconds or more required).
  • Accuracy Stars: Earn stars by completing screens with accuracy!
  • Typing Tests: Finish typing tests at different speed thresholds to earn these achievements.
  • Time Spent Typing: More time practicing, more achievements earned.
  • Characters Typed: The more you type, the more you gain!
  • Games Played: Play each game for different lengths of time and win more achievements!
  • Lesson Badges: Complete every screen in a lesson to earn the badge!
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