How to Know the Best Way to Add Students

Pro-Tip 1: Your students don't need an email address to use Once you've created your first class, choose one of these easy ways to add your students:

- Give them a student self-join link so they can jump into their account anytime without your help

- Or, sync using Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams

- If you're using ClassLink, make sure to ask IT if is enabled. That way, your students will instantly sync from your SIS

- If you're using Clever, your account should sync the moment you log in. If not, contact IT

Pro-Tip 2: If you need to add students to your class and you're syncing your classes via Google Classroom or Clever Library, you need to add the student to your class in Google Classroom or Clever first, and then, you have to re-sync your account by going to "My classes" > click "Sync with Classroom or Clever"

If you're syncing your classes via Clever or ClassLink, you need to contact the school's IT administrator and have him/her add the student in Clever/ClassLink and then you need to wait for the account to re-sync (overnight)

Let’s get started. 

Step 1: Log in to your Teacher Portal HERE.

Step 2: Hover over the plus sign icon on the top right corner and click "Add Students"

Pro-Tip 3: If you have more than one class, make sure that you select a class first. 

Step 3: Select the method you wish to use to add your students:

  • Add a Single Student: add students one at a time by entering a username, password and email (optional). This method creates student accounts from scratch. Note: Username must be unique across all of
  • Add a Block of Students: add any number of students; their accounts will use the same prefix for their username (e.g. usernames: nyc-1, nyc-2, nyc-3, etc). This method also creates student accounts from scratch. Note: If the page doesn't let you add a block of students, or if only some student accounts get created, change the username-prefix and try again.
  • Students Self-Join: Provide the class self-join link to your students and have them enter it into their browser bar.  On the login page that comes up, students can create their accounts by adding in a username and password; students with existing accounts can enter their logins by selecting "Join with Login". If you wish students to join through Google SSO, simply instruct them to click the Google SSO button and not to enter anything in the username and password fields. For more information check out our article Using the Student Self Join Link. Note: You cannot use the self-join link if you're rostering your classes through Google Classroom, Clever or ClassLink. 
  • Import a Student List: If you wish to import a list of students, please check out our in-depth article on Importing a list of students.

That’s it! Now you know three methods to add or join students. 😄 

How-to video

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