Google, Clever, ClassLink, Microsoft Teams Single Sign-On (SSO)

Take advantage of single sign-on with your Google, Clever, Microsoft Teams, or ClassLink account. Below, we explain the differences among them.

Google SSO:

  • Anyone can use Google SSO as long as they have a Google-associated account.
  • Google SSO can be used to log in to the teacher portal or student account.

Google Classroom:

  • Not all Google SSO users take part in Google Classroom, but all Google Classroom users take part in Google SSO.
  • Google Classroom allows you to sync your classes/students from your Google Classroom into
  • Google Classroom syncs solely through clicking on the "Sync with Google Classroom" button; this button is located in the Teacher Portal, within "My Classes" page.
  • Google Classroom users can select which classes they want synced/not synced in the modal window that appears upon clicking "Sync with Google Classroom."

Microsoft Teams:

  • Anyone can use Microsoft Teams as long as they have a work or school Microsoft account. You can't sign in with a personal account.
  • Microsoft can be used to log in to the teacher portal or student account.

Clever Secure Sync:

  • For a fee, developers can integrate their apps with Clever Secure Sync; once an application is integrated, it appears on the Clever "app store."
  • This allows district/school administrators to connect their district or schools with various applications (such as!)
  • Each app syncs with the entire Clever roster on a nightly basis. This way, teachers never have to waste time updating their classes manually (individually removing or adding students). The roster is regularly updated by district/IT administrators.
  • The service includes SSO, so everyone can enjoy the advantages of a single login to access all apps facilitated through Clever. 

Clever Library:

  • From the user's perspective, Clever Library is the Clever equivalent of Google Classroom in the sense that it doesn't sync automatically (the user must click the "Sync with Clever" button, located in the Teacher Portal, within "My Classes" page).
  • However, the backend is different, as Clever Library (and Clever Secure Sync) pull data from Clever SIS (School Information System) vs just the Google Classroom account that contains only classes/students.
  • Clever Library exists because teachers didn't enjoy having to always ask their district/school administration to accept an app or enable their class; through Clever Library, teachers have the autonomy to choose which apps they want to use (as long as they are in Clever's app store).
  • This service is free for developers, unlike Clever Secure Sync.
  • A district can enable Secure Sync for the app, and the automatic syncing would instantly take over; the teacher wouldn't have to do anything. The only change they'd notice is their sync button would disappear (since it's no longer needed).
  • When a Clever user signs up and logs in for the first time, they are prompted by a sync modal where they choose which classes they'd like to sync/not sync with This same modal pops up every time the "sync" button is clicked.


  • ClassLink is basically identical to Clever Secure Sync in every way. It's district-based, syncs automatically every night, and includes SSO.
  • The main difference is the district pays for the service instead of app developers.
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